Milking his day off @ Disneyland!

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Dr. J had the day off yesterday! Well, technically it wasn’t a true day off ¬†because he was suppose to be sleeping. He had just finished an on call overnight shift and had been up for already 30 hours… but what do you do when you don’t have to be in the hospital for a day and need to use up your So-cal 3 day disney pass?!

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At home I’m the doctor… & my husband’s responses

asian med

Here is a fun post of 3 scenarios on what goes on in our home when one of us or the both of us get sick. He may be Dr. J outside of home, but once he walks through the door, he is just “J” and I become Dr. C! Perhaps my asian friends can relate to this one, and to my non-asian friends, I hope this post gives you a good chuckle and some insight to various asian “remedies”! Happy readings!¬†Read More »